Freitag, 29. November 2013

Loops & Bows

Not long now and I will wear my very firs hat! I finally attached some trimmings to the brim. I'm having an enormous bow on my forehead and lots of loops on the sides, but I am not quite sure what to do with the back.
But before I started with the trimming I fixed the bandeau inside the hat. It is supposed to shape the hat and keep it in the right angle. The stitches run through the brim at four spots.


 To prepare the first bow I didn't pin, but used magnets to fix the fabric. This way I avoid those tiny marks on the fabric. It is the front decoration after all...
 ... and it looks ridiculous! I didn't keep in mind that the fabric would shape around the crown. The small part of the bow is way to long. But since the ends of the taffetta were already finished I decided I would have three bows instaed of two. The big one in the same fabric like the hat (cotton satin) and the small ones from a slightly darker taffetta.

Here is my finished monster bow!

 For the loops I used the same fabrics as for the bows. To prepare them I made some ribbons as seen on the right.
After pressing I turned the inside out and formed the loops using thin wire. Unfortunately this took more fabric than I thought. Now I have to be very canny with my fabric to stay inside the one metre allowance... To make some space in my calculation I decided to not include the buckram. It is no real fabric, is it?
 Before I actually started sewing on the loops I used my magnets again to run a test where to place them.

The beginning of my row of loops was rather messy so I covered it with fabric. It will be covered by the bow as well, but it should be neat anyway...

This is the front of the hat. The loops leaving a gap for the bow.

I am very pleased with the result and cannot wait until my hat is finished! The backside is still quite empty, but I will think of something nice within the limits for this challenge.

Here are some pictures:


 Side brim with loops...
 ... backside without trimming...

... and the front view. For these last pictures I used the flash light on my camera, so you can see the "real" colour of the fabrics.

Does anyone know how this is to be fixed to my head???


  1. I love the blue. It's glorious. I'm not sure about how you keep it on your head. Hatpins?I've never seen the magnet trick before. It's very clever.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking of using a hat elastic, but then how to fix that around my head? Maybe I should think about my hairdo first...

  2. Is this your first hat??? It's perfect!
    To hold it on the elastic goes right around the head, but not under your chin, put it at the back under your ponytail. Otherwise you could use clips

  3. Thank you! Yes, it is my first hat... I have tried the hat elastic, but now I experienced a new problem. It holds perfectly until I look up in the air. Then it starts slipping off to the back... Is that normal? Or did they just don't look up back then???

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hat!! The color and trim is just so fabulous!!!



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