Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

40s Patterns!

Yay! My new patterns arrived today!

After some problems with my local post office ("No, that must be a mistake. We don't have anything for you...") and some scary nights of thinking I would never see these patterns they showed up today.

Look at these:




 All of these patterns are un-used. Four have been opened but to my delight they are "new" and complete.

The sewing instructions are given on the inside of the cover or directly on the pattern piece. The specialty coming with all patterns is the new "fabric saver" which is a guide on how to place the pattern pieces on the fabric economically. Today these "fabric savers" are a matter of course in modern ready to sew patterns.
How to make shoulder pads in the 1940s - instructions placed directly on the sleeve pattern

The instructions on the dress closure are given directly on the pattern pieces too. And with pictures!

One of the patterns is labelled "Der bunte Schnitt" which translates into "the colourful pattern" and I was wondering what it meant until I opened it up. The pattern pieces are colourful indeed! Pink, blue and yellow. As you can see there are quite many instructions given with this pattern. This time on the inside of the cover.
One wonders why these patterns have never been opened up. They are in the original wrapping and it is obvious that these patterns are new...
Not for long!
I promise!

Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Frohne Modelle

New patterns!!!
Sometimes there are offers on ebay I just cannot resist. Like an original "Frohne Moldell Album" from 1936 Germany, which I bought last sunday.

I really want to show off my new patterns which arrived today, so please expect many many pictures.
And more pictures...

The album itself is in a rather good condition, although I was wondering how to open it... The patterns of all the pretty dresses are on the backside of each page showing off clothes.
It turned out that the album is closed with press-studs. And rather rusted ones as well...
Since I didn't want to damage the binding I used a large ruler to open the studs which then looked like this:


 The first page isn't the prettiest of all and luckily only the first three pages of the manual are "aged" in that way.

I removed all pages and used a paint brush to dust off some of the rust and old dust.

Actually I think it is a very clever construction.
The cover is made from cardboard and has made a very good job protecting the contents of the album. Every pattern is in perfect condition:-)

"Frohne" started releasing sewing patterns for home use in the early 30s and is providing Womens, Mens and Childrens wear in every issue. I'm not sure how often these early editions got released, but I also own some 50s issues which were labelled as Spring/ Summer and Autumn/ Winter, so two times a year.

Aside from the fact that every model in this book is 100% authentic it is actually very funny to read the inscriptions, which a usually one sentence exactly.

Now lets see those models, shall we?

















Yes, I am now the proud owner of patterns for EVERY SINGLE garment you've just seen!!!
Do click on the pictures to enlarge them a little and notice all the funny little details like the gentleme in his dressing gown holding a hairbrush and comb! Or model 83 - open crotched drawes were obviously still used.

Since I own some 1950s "Frohne Modelle" as well, I couldn't help but compare. Look at these Dirndl Dresses from
1936                                                                                 and 1957

To use the patterns the "Frohne Schnittzeichner" (which I bought as a bargain with my 50s albums) is required. It is a tool to enlarge patterns to every imaginable size.

My "Schnittzeichner" in it's original box.


Sincy body types vary a lot every issue is offering a range especially designed for plus-sized Ladies. Those models are inscripted
"Für stärkere Damen" which translates into "For strong Ladies"
The later Frohne issues simply state an "a" beside the pattern number to indicate it is suitable for plus-sized Ladies.
Frohne recommends using these specific patterns if a lady has a bust circumfence of more than 108cm.

Frohne Modell pattern sheet
One particular model catched my eye directly:

1936 Pyjamas

 The inscription:

Pyjamas with puff sleeves, knotted belt and patch pockets.
Fabric requirements: 4,5m for a fabric width of 0,8m.

The experienced seamstress can easily use all these patterns without the tool, so feel free to make your own pyjamas!
It is the pattern above;-)
(Please mind the pattern piece numbers required in the picture to the left)
My pattern madness doesn't stop here... 
I won an auction for some ready to use 40s patterns as well, so stay tuned for more pretty pictures (and patterns for me)

If you are wondering what happened to my yellow dress project, the fabric is still a curtain and the pattern still in the book... Maybe I'll manage it for the Re-Do challenge...

fashion plate