Freitag, 15. November 2013

Half Stays in progress

Today I continued sewing on my half stays for the HSF.

I made 16 handstiched eyelets and the lining for the stays. This time I made some pictures in the progress:

My very first handstiched eyelets! I guess metal grommets would have looked out of place and they havn't been invented at that time anyway. Although inserting grommets would have saved some precious time.
But after all the machine sewing it can't be wrong to do some historically accurate sewing on my stays after all...

To insert the bust-gores I pressed the opening first.
It makes it quite easy and quick to fix the inserts. This is the lining, but I did it the same way with the outer fabric.
Then I put the gore underneath and sewed it on.

the finished lining

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