Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

My first hat!!!

It is finally done! I have finished my first hat ever!!!
And I really like the result.
I managed to stay within the one metre allowance as well. Here are my "hat calculation" and the challenge details:

The Challenge: # 25: One Metre

Fabric: Muslin for the mulling, cotton satin as fashion fabric, taffetta and chiffon for the trimming. Calculating with a fabric width of 1,5 metres (the cotton satin) I used exactly 0,96 metres of fabric. Phew...

In detail:
0,24m muslin for the mulling
0,3m cotton satin
0,05m taffetta for the lining

0,1m cotton satin
0,15m taffetta
0,12m chiffon

Pattern: Lynn McMasters Bustle Era Gat Pattern, view B

Year: 1870 - 1880s

Notions: Buckram, Millinery wire,Gardening wire, Nylbond, Polyester thread, Glue.

How historically accurate is it?  The pattern is accurate and the trimmings are as well, but the taffetta and chiffon are polyester fabrics. For some parts I have used my sewing machine. I give myself generous 80%.

Hours to complete: about 20 hours.

First worn: I am so in love with this hat, I am wearing it as I write this. I simply cannot take it off...

Total cost: 15€ for buckram and millinery wire. Everything else is from the stash.


For the bows on the back I used gardening wire to fix together three rectangle parts of both cotton satin and taffetta. I covered the joining part with fabric to conceal the wire before attaching the bow to the brim.
 Here we go...

front view

side view

back view. I could stare at this for hours!

 Inside view. Here you can see the stitches on the inside of the bandeau where I attached some of the trimmings.

 A detail of the backside trimming. I didn't cover the fuzzy part on the brim in the end. In fact, I am starting to like it :-)

From top to bottom:

bow of satin and taffetta
loops of chiffon
loops of chiffon
bow of satin and taffetta
"something" from taffetta (not visible in this picture)
another satin monster bow.



fashion plate