Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Challenge #24: Re-Do

So my first project is an old project. To test a pattern I made this muslin skirt about a year ago.

The challenge says to re-do, and since the skirt is muslin i will not use it as the skirt it is. But it will serve me just fine as a petticoat. Good thing that I still have 2 rolls of that fabric.My re- do will be challenge # 18: Re-make, Re- use & Re- fashion.
I absolutely LOVE trained skirts and dresses, so I will ad a detachable train to make a natural form petticoat inspirated by this one:

It is from Frances Grimble's "Fashions Of The Gilded Age Vol. 1"

I will need:

1. Muslin - about 6 metres
2. Lace - I've got 15 metres - hope it's enough

To do:

1. scale the pattern
2. cut out the base and sew it
3. ruffles, ruffles ruffles
4. ad the waist band
5. ad the strings to train and petticoat

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