Samstag, 16. November 2013

Movie saturday!

Today I finished the lining and the binding of the new half stays. First step was to baste the lining on the stays. This was actually the very last step done by machine. Everything from here will be 100% handsewn.

For the binding I made my own bias strips. I have done this for the first time and must say: what a mad waste of fabric! But since I wanted the binding in the same fabric it had to be done.

After pinning the binding the sewing-movie-fun started.

This is what I "watched" while sewing:

1. Disney's "Brave" for the bottom binding. I figured  I should start with the easy straight line.

2. "Sherlock Holmes 2" for the top binding...

3. "The devil wears PRADA" continuing on the top binding

4. Disney's "Snow White and the 7 dwarfs" for the final four eyelets on the shoulder strips.

Here are some decorative details on the back and side- pieces.

Cutting and pressing the bias strips.

 No pins left in the box!!!

Yippeeee! My fingers are hurting, but it looks nice!

The final eyelets!!!!

Now the only thing remaining is the lacing. It will have to wait until monday, since I had to order new corset laces...

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  1. That's funny. The reason I liked handsewing so much is the ability to watch tv and movies while I'm doing it. When people ask me how long something takes, I say; 1 General Hospitals, 2 Good Wives, 2 Downton Abbey's and a whole season of Mr. Selfridge.


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