Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Some 60s Dresses

It was August last year when I bought some vintage patterns on ebay. I started on one of these dresses very soon after receiving the patterns, but they never got finished. Two weeks ago I felt inspired enough to make some fill-in dresses between my historical projects.
These patterns are all very practical and the pieces are ready to use (no cutting). I believe they are all early 60s, but feel free to correct me, if you think I am wrong...

This picture is dated back on the 17th of august 2013. This is how long the pieces have been in my sewing pile.

 Ringier Pattern C 11841                                                   My finished dress.
Burda Pattern 9312                                                          My finished dress

 The neckline could have been a bit lower for my taste, but I did exactly as indicated on the pattern.
Some details:


Burda Pattern 9785                                                          My dress, still under construction.

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