Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Back to sewing!

I feel bad.
I haven't written a single word since about two month ago... But now I am back in my sewing room and my pile of UFOs is growing in an amazing speed. Unfortunately I missed a whole lot of HSF challenges I have had big plans for, but that is live and I can't turn back time.
Due to an extended stay in hospital both my 1898 afternoon dress (challenge #9 Black and White) and my 1776 polonaise (challenge #10 Art) had to be postponed. Probably until next year :-(
Needlessly to say that my UFO is still an UFO (but I found the buttons!), I have no idea what to do for challenge #11 The Politics of Fashion and my challenge #12 Shape and Support stays are no more than a bad mock-up.

Of course all of my started projects have to get finished at some stage, but I decided to give myself a bit more time that usual.

One of my new UFOs is a pair of kid leather gloves. It is not a pair exactly, but only the left hand.
Anyway, here is what I did so far:

The pattern pieces.
I used the GP519 Grand Finale from Patternstudio.

The gloves are all handsewn using an extrastrong thread. The first part was to sew in the thumb which was a challenge on its own. I used an old glove from my grandma as visual guide, but the first try was not exactly beautyful...


 The thumb using the original pattern size.                          The thumb on my grannys glove.

 So I opened up the freshly made seam taking care not to tear apart the tiny holes I made sewing through the leather. I cut down the old thumb to fit my finger a bit better...

Old pattern piece and new one.                                        The new thumb. It not only looks better it          
                                                                                        fits very well, too.

It then took about 4 hours to sew on the other fingers and finally have a real glove. We'll see when I find time to finish the pair...


  1. Ich war schon lange nicht mehr da (viel Arbeit zwischen Mai und Juni) - aber der Handschuh ist toll und überhaupt alles! Ich freu mich, wieder mehr zu sehen!

  2. Vielen Dank! Ich freu mich auch endlich wieder mehr zu nähen und binauch wieder sehr motiviert, auch wenn ich schrecklich zurück hänge...


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