Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

More hand-sewing!

It is one piece!
Another day of handsewing is over and my stays are nearly done!!!!

See for yourself:

It took about 30 minutes per seam to sew all the pieces together, so another 4,5 hours in total.

Boning channels, anyone?
Phew, honestly I can't wait to go back to a machine-sewing project. Today it was especially hard to sew through all those layers by hand. After one seam I decided to wear a leather glove to have a better grip to the needle. It worked much better then and the thimble finally fits, but with 28 degrees outside it wasn't exactly comfortable...

So, now that I have stays, the finishing touches are waiting to get done. The seams of the original stays are covered with leather and the binding is in leather as well.
Since I made a leather bargain for my gloves I had lots of skins to choose from...

First I cut narrow strips for the seam-covering. They are about 6mm wide.

All the strips waiting to get sewn to the stays by, wait for it... HAND.

Oh my, more handsewing then.
Seamcovering with kid skin, outside

Seamcovering inside

OK, stays are not done in two to three days.
But maybe four???


  1. Oh WOW! You're inspiring me to work on some new stays the "proper" way

    1. Aahw, thank you! I never knew it would be this challenging, but it truly is worth the effort:-)

  2. Stunning. What type of fabric did you use?

    1. Thanks Theresa! The outer fabric is a quite strong cotton twill and the 2 inner layers are cotton as well. Not accurate fabric-wise, but it works very well.


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