Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Tutu Hip Roll


Since I needed a hip roll for my corded petticoat I started making a new one taday.
I already made a bigger one lately, but it was misformed and too hard. The hip pad used with my huge crinoline is too small to go with the new petticoat since the main fullness is given on the back. For the new one I am looking for some side-volume as well...


 This is the fill material from the old roll. What a mountain! I filled it very firm and so it took a bit more material...

For the pattern I killed the old hip roll and used it as guide. Then I used a pencil to copy it to the fabric and reshape the sides I didn't like on the old roll.

This is my hip pad compared to the size of my new hip roll.

 The "ready to sew" fabric. I used my well known cotton muslin. I still have about 45 metres in my stash...

To add a girly touch I wanted a ruffle on the outer edge.
Since I still had a leftover ruffle from my Removable Petticoat Train, I just had to make it narrow and add some lace...
 Then I sandwiched the ruffle and the future strings between the two layers of fabric and started sewing...

... And then discovered that I have made a Tutu!!!Well, I wanted it girly and here I am...

 Naturally I used the old wadding as the new wadding, but this time I wanted my roll to be less stiff and more flexible.
After stuffing I closed the gap by hand.


Not even one hour and here is my new Tutu! Ah sorry... Hip Roll of course!!!

Unbelivable but true:

The leftover pile ís nearly as high as before...
Now I will have wadding for some more padding projects!

Regarding the stiffness of my new roll, please have a look below. The old roll was as firm as my hip pad on the left. My new roll, however can easily serve as a comfortable cushion! Looks like one, too:-)

And, although not visible, my new hip roll in combination with the corded petticoat, the whipped cream petticoat and a skirt (originally made to test a crinoline ballgown pattern) as second petticoat.

Now I need a dress!


  1. Love the ruffle detail, such a great idea, might have to 'borrow' it. ok, steal ;p

  2. Thank you! Please go ahead! I have 'stolen' this one myself :-)


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