Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Chiffon & Satin

Today I made some good progress on my pink and black dress.
Since I am not keen on writing right now, I let some pictures talk...

I am using my serger for most of the sewing and since I don't have enough pink thread I am using black.

 Some test pieces...                                                           ...and the finished hem on the chiffon skirt. I am
                                                                                         really proud of these corners!

Top and skirt, not sewn together yet...


                                                  Joining top and skirt using my serger.


Pinning the shoulder seam
 Inserting the zipper. The original dress used press studs, but I still had that zipper and no press studs...



 Picture using flash light...                                                            ...and no flash

 Left to do:
1. insert front triangle
2. lots of frills
3. finally joining the shoulder seams...
4. edge the armholes with pink bias strips
5. ad a hook above the zipper
6. hemming

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