Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Sewing pink...

My pink challenge project is under construction!

I started with a muslin mock-up of the 1931 evening dress from Janet Arnolds "Patterns of Fashion". To enlarge the pattern I used the desired waist circumfence as guideline. Unfortunately the pattern turned out to be too long and had to be adjusted a lot.

The skirt seems to be a good fit, but the rest is not. The pictures show back, side and front view of the first mock-up.
I am glad, I have posted my plans for the pink challenge, because otherwise I might have cancelled the dress at this step and put everything on the UFO pile. BUT, now I have a deadline and want to succeed very much!

 So my next step was shortening the front and back piece to fit my proportions. First I used pins and when I finally was satisfied I basted the mock-up to its new form. Now I can use the muslin as pattern pieces to cut out my pink and black fabric.

Adjusted back piece...                                                      .....and front piece


My pattern plan was supposed to help me place the pattern on my fashion fabric, but it turned out to be not so much help after all. Since I adjusted some pieces and my waist is a bit wider the pattern would not fit the way I planned. I have enough fabric for the dress, but the frills might end up black... or striped....

 After cutting out the pink satin I continued on the black chiffon. The sash will be from chiffon as well.

For the back neckline and the armholes I cut out pink bias strips to have a neat finish.


Since the top will be a double layer I flat-lined the chiffon to the satin. The skirt will be two colours as well, but not flat-lined.
For a sewing start I made the bias trimmed neckline on the back piece. That angle was my first sewing challenge on this project...

To be continued...

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