Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014


My new dress is finished!!! Finally the pink fabric is gone from my stash and I am happy!!!!

Working on this new dress I remembered where the chiffon in my stash came from (Sorry, no memories on the pink satin...). It happened to be a stola scarf (so basically a square piece of fabric) for a combination of a black skirt and a (yes, really:-)) PINK corset I made in 2004.

10 years ago!

I am afraid this garment didn't survive to be shown to you the way I originally made it. First there was no digital photography in my family at that time and second I altered it slightly.

This is what is left.
The joining seam in the middle of the skirt originally hold a pink piping to match the corset, but nowadays I am using the skirt for concerts where black is required from head to toe...
And my very first corset ever! Containing plastic boning, no busk-opening and probably every mistake one can make on their first corset. It was intended to be the 1880s corset from Norah Waughs "Corsets and Crinolines". The fabrics used were heavy black satin for the skirt and pink silk brocade. I can't remember to have bought a more expensive piece of fabric ever since...


Now, back to the PINK challenge of the Historical Sew Fortnightly.
I have been very busy to finish the 1931 evening dress from Janet Arnolds "Patterns of Fashion 2".

This is what I did:

Frill making. 
I used every scrap of leftover fabric I could find. Then I joined all circles together and hemmed them. Both colours separately, of course.

Starting in the middle of the triangle front panel I placed the frills into place and stitched it.

Any ideas on what to do with the leftover inner circles???

The first chiffon frill.....

...and the finished frill-front-piece of the dress.

The next step was to hem the skirt. For this I used the "rolled hem" foot on my sewing machine.  As I didn't want to buy anything new for the dress I took the only (tiny) roll of pink threat I had. This is the amount of threat left on the roll after hemming the skirt. Phew...

Inside look of the dress, front and back view.


Dress Mess on the floor

Detail view of the inside of the frill piece

Now I said, that the dress is finished and that is true. But unfortunately every picture I took 10 minutes ago appeared to be rather red than pink. Therefore I will take more pictures in daylight tomorrow and then make the final post on this challenge.

Dress without finished armholes...                                  ...and with self-fabric bias binding. I also adjusted
                                                                                        the pointy edges of the chiffon over-skirt.


 Detail of the self-fabric bias binding

Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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