Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

Head Weeks - Part 3

I finished an UFO!
And a really old one, too! The early victorian bonnet I started in february last year is finally done!

At that time I made the buckram frame and the mulling. I stopped there, because I wasn't satisfied with it. So last month I removed the old mulling and did a new one. When I went fabric shopping for my Regency Bonnet I bought enough silk taffeta to cover the victorian bonnet as well.
The edges are trimmed with gathered taffeta ribbon.
I used the same ribbon to trim the bonnet both inside and outside.
The pattern is Lynn McMasters L32 "Early victorian Bonnet"

Without further ado:


preparing the ribbonwork trimming

The ribbon roses cover the stitching fom sewing on the outside trimmings





Be warned: this was not the last post on headwear...


  1. Holy cow, it looks amazing! When I saw the first photo at the top I thought it was an original piece for your inspiration!

  2. Whaou, same as Lauren, I thought it was an antique one :) superbe!!


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