Montag, 8. Juni 2015

Head Weeks - Part 1

I stayed at home during my vacation and decided it was time to sew something! Surely you've noticed, that I wasn't overly productive these past 3 month. I managed 3,5 herniated disks and had one of them surgically corrected. That's why...

The pain is gone and now I am sewing something!!!

Currently I am very passionate about headwear of all kinds and I decided to expand from making hats to style my first wig.
Of course this is not exactly sewing, but it is costuming, so it counts;-)

Last year I purchased Kendra's Wig Book (18th Century Hair & Wig Styling) and last week I finally made something from it.
I can only recommend this book! It is super detailed, lots of pictures and easy step-by-step instructions.
For a start I bought 2 cheap wigs and transformed them into one big one...

My Attempt is a 1770s High Stylecalled "Dorothée".
Here is my version:

Since I never worked on a wig before I bought a cheap one from ebay to start off and started curling, teasing, frame making and so on...

The Styling is worked over a wire mesh frame to gain it's height

A LOT of teasing was required to form this pile of hair!


To finish the Style "buckles" are pinned on the finished wig. This was actually the most complicated part and took a good amount of patience.
And it made a mess of my sewing space...

But it was worth the work, because a day later I rewarded myself with my very first 18th Century wig!!!

I'll probably add one more buckle on top of the side curls...

A Bow will cover the airband when worn.

It is not perfect, but it was my first attempt and I am very happy with it. Now I really need an Outing!


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