Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Possible Projects 2014

Happy new year!
I know I am late for this, but better late than never, right? I am very glad 2013 is over for it really wasn't a good year for me. However, I am eager to make the new year a fantastic one!
I intent to sew a lot and not let me stress at work too much.

Since I am only starting my historical wardrobe I will make lots of underwear this year and focus on skirts rather than bodices and equivalent. But I would not be me, if I hadn't some nice projects in mind I would love to do anyway. I really don't know when or where to wear those dresses, but I just love them so much I simply have to make them!

What do you think of theese?

1. Complete my oldest UFO

- a 1798-1805 morning dress from Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion 1"
This dress is almost done. The only things left to do are to finish the sleeves and sew on some self fabric buttons to the BIB front.

Original dress in Arnold's book                                          My UFO

2. Basque for UFO 1878 Day Dress

- A Day Dress as shown in "De Gracieuse" in 1879.  Bottom left dress
I finished the skirt already, but since my body measurements are not really "steady" I didn't dare make any close fitting garments... Maybe I will finally achieve a final figure and then start sewing lots of those...

Original dress. Here from Grimble's                                   My UFO
"Fashions of the Gilded Age Vol. 1"

3. 1839 Wedding Dress/ Day Dress

- A Dress displayed in Cincinnati Art Museum and pictured in Cynthia Amnéus' book
"Wedded Perfection - two centuries of wedding gowns"
I've got 6 metres of light green cotton satin in my stash and if I am fortunate this will be enough for this lovely dress...

4. 1898 Afternoon Dress

- An Afternoon Dress from "Patterns of Fashion 2".
I want to make this dress entirely black using black poplin, chiffon and taffetta from my stash. I am also planning on making a matching hat.

 Original dress in Arnold's book                                        1898 Hat inspiration from C. Willet Cunnington's
                                                                                  "English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century"

5. A Dolman or Mantle or Wrap

Every Woman needs Jackets and Outer Wear and since I have 20 metres of grey cashmere in my stash I need to make one of those in a matter of urgency! I am not sure what kind of Outer wear I will end up with, but this is what I like:

1879 Mantles                                                                  1882 Worth Mantle


1885 Short Wrap

I also fancy a 1883 evening Dolman I have a pattern from, but no picture...

6. A huge dress

Awww! look at this one!
I have found this picture in " Fashions and Costumes from Godey's Lady's Book" from Stella Blum. An open dress in grey poplin with a scarlet petticoat, belt, collar, cuffs all trimmed with black velvet ribbons.
Simple and stunning...

7. Something from my "Journal des Dames et des Demoiselles"pattern

8. Lots of Underwear - such as:

- a natural form corset from "De Gracieuse". Bottom left corset
- a corded petticoat to fit under the 1839 dress
- a romantic era corset for the same dress - I'll use the same pattern as for my short stays
- combinations to go with the 1898 dress
- stockings
- and a lot more....

Is it too much????


  1. Ich habe gerade die ganze Seite durchgesehen (nachdem ich mich auch für HDF eingeschrieben habe) und bin ganz hin und weg! Was für eine herrliche Nähqualität! Ich wollte einfach gratulieren und freu mich darauf, mehr zu sehen.

    1. Oh, vielen Dank! Da bin ich ja schon mal auf deine Kreationen gespannt!


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