Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

New corset

I have been sewing again!!!

My new project was an underbust corset. I have never seen an underbust corset in the 1880s, but I liked the shape and flexibility so much that I simply cut off a 1883 corset pattern from Frances Grimble's "Fashions of the gilded Age Vol. 1"
The material used is jean from my stash and some lace from ebay. For the flossing I used polyester thread. This corset is certainly not my first corset, but it is the first one ever to be finished with flossing. I have started another one using the same fabric with silk flossing some time ago, but I am afraid it went to the UFO pile...
I plan on completing that one for HSF challenge #4 - 2014.

Anyway, here is the evidence following up on last week:

setting in the hip gusset
finished hip gusset

Since the corset has just one layer I used twill tape for the boning channels on the inside. This tape is wide enough for two rows of 5mm spiral-steel boning.

preparing the busk

 The joining parts are going to be a boning channel as well so I was extra careful to keep it wide enough. The jean is really firm and at some stage it was quite difficult to turn under the seam allowances, but I am happy with the outcome after all.
 To insert the grommets I used this hole punch. The nobs of the busk where pushed through the fabric, but for the grommets I cut the holes before I inserted them.

 And here it is: my new underbust corset.


Flossing is quite new to me, so I prepared this panel to practise flossing before actually stitching on the corset.

The orange part is from the UFO earlier mentioned...

I only flossed the bottom parts of the boning channels so the red threat won't show under the cream coloured lace.

Flossing inside                                                                   Flossing outside

Front view with the lace pinned on the top binding to see how it works with the busk...

  First side finished!!!!


 And here are more pictures....


I love this new corset, but I am not sure if this will go for challenge #26 - celebrate so I won't be posting anything on that challenge now. Maybe next week....

And because I can not resist: a glimpse into my sewing room


  1. It's wonderfully pretty! I love the red flossing on the white, and the lace is just perfect.

  2. That is stunning! How many corsets have you made? I have made one and thought about flossing it but never did. I love how yours turned out, I just might have to make another!! I can hardly wait to see the finished outfit!

    1. Thank you!! This is my 3rd corset to be finished nice and pretty using a proper fabric. However I have made several others before starting on the "real" ones. All counted together this was my 10th.

  3. Simple but beautiful ! Congratulation ! I love :)


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