Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Challenge # 1 - 2014

The first challenge of this years Historical Sew Fortnightly is finished. Here are the facts:

The Challenge: # 1: Make, Do & Mend

Changing the old petticoat into a fluffy new one and rearranging the hoops on the crinoline to achieve a round shape.

Fabric: cream coloured polyester lining fabric; originally 15 metres and polyester netting from an old ebay hoop skirt.
Pattern: from "Corsets & Crinolines" - p. 94 for the crinoline, none for the petticoat

Year: 1864

Notions: polyester thread, elastic for the waistband

How historically accurate is it?  Not very much, I am afraid. The crinoline pattern is accurate and my ruffle petticoat is somewhat accurate as well, but the fabric and the netting are both polyester and not accurate at all. Neither is the elastic... Let's say 60%

Hours to complete: Petticoat: approx. 12, rearranging the hoops: 5 hours

First worn: Not worn yet. I yet have to make an awsome dress to go with it :-)

Total cost: 0,00€ Everything from the stash!!


This is the petticoat I have made originally. Although it contains 10! metres of fabric, it is thin and not concealing the hoops very much.
Pattern used: Truly Victorian free petticoat pattern.

And here is the new one! It is basically the old one, just in new shape. I added two rows of netting for even more volume. For more details have a look here .

                                             The Whipped Cream Petticoat!

 Here we have the crinoline the way I made it in the first place. The centre back is pointy and thus the side back panels are misformed and turning inside rather than outside.

To redo the boning channels I opened up the seams on the back panels and fixed them in a more curvy fashion.

And it was absolutely worth the effort! Now I have a nice round shape and not just at the centre back seam, but also on the sides. I also turned the channels a bit upwards on the centre front.

See the white dots on top of the 2nd hoop? That's where the optional ruffle is attached with hooks...

Before and after mending the crinoline.
Red lines are the old shape, blue ones the new.

Crinoline with hip pad.....                                                        ..... and without hip pad.

 Again with hip pad.....                                                               ..... and without

And I have discovered that my new petticoat is quite wearable with my TV 141 cage crinoline as well:

                                        But I think I like it better on the big crinoline!!!

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