Montag, 4. August 2014

Waves+ Loops+ Tulle+ Lace = Awesome Belle Epoque Hat

My 2nd Belle Epoque hat is finally finished! Nearly 6 month after I started this hat I attached the last decorations and the lining yesterday.
Although the pattern wasn't exactly easy (Lynn McMasters pattern for four different Belle Epoque Hats) I am very happy with the outcome. The most challenging part for me was to form the brim in the desired curvy shape and then cover these waves with fabric.
Since I wrote quite much about this project already, I am showing you lot's of pictures instead of writing:-)

Presenting: The Incognito Function :-)

A you can see the originally planned two-toned frill didn't survive. The already cut darker tulle will be used in the back decoration instaed. After sewing the frills underneath the curvy part, the under-brim is then covered with one layer of the same tulle completely.

To make the stitches as invisible as possible, I used a very thin and transparent thread of unknown material.

The upper decoration is containing the previously cut 5 tulle circles and loops from the same satin like the hat.
The loops are formed from one strip of fabric which is attached to the hatband with the tulle in the middle. The decorations are located at the centre back of the hat.

Belle Epoque Hat without lace on the crown tip

The dark tulle is actually a bit lighter than in this picture. The back of the hat lies in the shadow...

Since the hatband is not fixed to the hat it could be worn by itself. Although I have no idea for which period or occasion...

The lining is from black cotton poplin and contains a drawstring to regulate the width. I also attached a hat elastic to fix the hat around my head.

The optional lace piece for the crown tip is attached before adding the hatband

The loops are filled with stiff netting to keep them up

Lucky me: the hat fits exactly in the box

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