Sonntag, 3. August 2014

Paisley & Plaid

The Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge #14 Paisly and Plaid was due two days ago so it is high time for me to show you what I did.
I don't have any fabric containing a paisly pattern and the only plaid fabric I have is from one of my UFOs. Unfortunately I can not complete my UFO for this challenge because of various reasons.
The fabric is reserved for a 1878 Day Dress Basque, but it is quite much. So I took some scraps and reflected on what to do with it...
I then decided to make a new hatband for one of my Belle Epoque hats. The original black hat decoration is mounted on a flexible hatband to make a change possible easily.

This is what I did:

The plaid fabric is a synthetic taffeta I cut into ribbons in different width. The edges are not sewn, but frayed and the hatband I used was a leftover waistband from the mentioned 1878 Day Dress.

There is a bis bow and some loops at the front and a smaller bow at the back. I implemented an elastic strip underneath the back bow to make it easy to swap hat bands. On one side I then attached three white ostrich plumes.

The Challenge Facts:

The Challenge: #14 Paisly and Plaid - A Belle Epoque hat decoration

Fabric: Plaid taffeta scraps

Pattern: none

Year: 1895-1905

Notions: 3 ostrich plumes, polyester thread, elastic

How historically accurate is it? Not at all I'm afraid.

Hours to complete: ca. 1,5

First worn: Right now

Total cost: 4,50€ for the feathers

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