Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

My first Bonnet!

For my first bonnet I chose the Lynn McMasters Pattern for Early Victorian Bonnets. My plan is to make it fabric covered, but I am not sure about the colour and fabric yet.

The Buckram used is a soft white one. It is easier to work with since it isn't as stiff as the brown buckram, but it wont give much support for big hats. I thing it will work fine for my bonnet.
After I cut out the pattern pieces, I joined the centre back seam by hand.


 Then the crown is attached to the bonnet side by hand. The crown is edged with millinery wire.

 The brim edge (is it called brim on a bonnet??) was too sharp for me so I used the bonnet back pattern piece to make it a bit more curvy.

 Then the brim is edged with millinery wire, too. The bonnet brim is attached by sewing a cross on every tab of the bonnet side piece. The extra length of the wire is then sewn around the centre back. Since I am lazy on hand sewing I am using my sewing machine.
Good thing that the buckram is see-through..


To cover the brim with the mulling I glued some unbleached muslin to the buckram.
This is where I stopped, because I am not sure about the colour and fabric.

To be finished soon!

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