Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Hats and Bonnets

I have been very busy making headdresses lately!

Along with my Belle Epoque Hat I started another hat from the same Era, which has a lovely shaped brim. It is still unfinished, because I ran out of milliney wire halfway through. The wire arrived a couple of days later, but then I focused on the black Belle Epoque Hat with the black bows...

I also started an Early Victorian Bonnet from a Lynn McMasters Pattern, which is still uncovered and a 1840s straw Bonnet which is nearly finished.
The straw bonnet is made from a cowboy hat I bought on ebay. In fact I bought four hats in a set  so I made another hat from it:
A 18th century Begére.

Visual proof!!

An Early Victorian Bonnet after assembling the pieces, but before covering with fabric.

The Belle Epoque Hat after I ran out of wire

The 18th Century Begere. This was actually the easiest hat ever! I removed four rows of straw from the crown sides and then pressed the old hat over night. Then I attached the crown to the brim and added a satin ribbon underneath the brim.

The 1840s Straw Bonnet. What do you think of the silk ribbon? My sister brought it from NY last week.

Detailed posts will follow straight away:-)

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