Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

More tulle and lace...

My hat is on the home stretch!
I went to the fabric store again and bought more tulle (and some other nice fabrics) and started to sew on the lace to the additional crown tip piece.

Today's achievement
Before I started to add the tulle to the underside of the brim I wanted to finish the crown. The inspiration picture showed the crown covered with lace all over. But as usual I wante a bit more flexibility. Now I made an elastic edged tulle piece, which I then covered with my arrangement of lace ornaments. This time it is all sewn, not glued. I guess it wouldn't have worked on the tulle anyway...

First I arranged and pinned the lace on the tulle while stretched over the crown.
Then it was stiched down as invisible as possible. I put the paper pattern piece between the satin and the tulle to avoid marks in the satin.
Sewing the lace to the tulle

The tulle piece inside-out, showing my stitches...

...and finished on the hat. The satin hatband holds everything in place and gives a neat finish.
That is pretty much what I did today. I also cut out the tulle, but didn't do much with it yet...
Have a look:


No, this is not how it will look when finished:-)

While writing this I was lucky enough to win an auction on ebay! Four antique hat pins from around 1900-1910! Perfect for this hat!!!

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