Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

Finally a challenge done!

It is a petticoat!

Challenge #13: Under $10

For this challenge I made something absolutely easy and cheap! I bought 60cm of pre-quilted polyester fabric for 2,68€ which at todays rate are $ 3,63.
I then closed the short edges, gathered one long side into a waistband and hemmed the other one.
That's it:

Now that it is done I see, that it would probably have been better to use a wider piece of fabric, but this one will do it's duty to support my future 18th century skirts anyway!

Challenge facts:

A quilted skirt support petticoat

The Challenge: #13 under $10

Fabric: 60cm of pre-quilted polyester

Pattern: none - a rectangular piece of fabric

Year: 18th century

Notions: Grosgrain ribbon as waistband, poliester thread

How historically accurate is it? Except for the shape there is nothing historical in this petticoat...

Hours to complete: 15 minutes
First worn: not worn yet
Total cost: $ 3,63

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