Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

124 boning channels down, hopefully no more than 10 to go...

I have been sewing boning channels for the past two weeks...
The former Historical Sew Forthnightly is now the istorical Sew Monthly, which gives a lot more time to prepare and actually finish a challenge. The January challenge is "Foundations".

Since I am especially fond of all kinds of corsets and stays guess what I am sewing:

My first all handsewn pair of stays. My choice of item is usually done in a mood and not because I need a special piece of clothing. And as said: I love corsets and alike.

The pattern used is from my beloved copy of Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines, p. 43: 1793 Fully-bones short stays.
I didn't want to make a full lenght one to start handsewing on stays, and I always wanted to make those little bustle balls!

Unfortunately I couldn't get myself to sew anything for the first two weeks of the year. Today I finished the 124th boning channel and can finally start with the boning (before I do the remaining channels on the shoulder straps). I am relieved, that this work is behind me now, but with everything left to do (boning, sewing the pieces together, covering with silk brocade, eyelets, lining and those bustle balls) I don't think I will finish in time for the challenge due date, but so be it.

Here are some pictures not just to show my progress to you guys, but also to remind myself what I have accomplished already (and keep myself going)!

I'll keep you updated
See you soon!

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

The sewing year 2014

A very happy new year to you all!!!

It has been a while since I wrote the last time and now it is high time to summarize 2014 and see, what I have made in one year.

I think I have never sewn as much, as I did in 2014!
The Historical Sew Fortnightly encouraged me to learn new stuff (like embroidery, millinery and staymaking), venture into periods I didn't particularly like or have sewn in before (like 18th Century - which I now like very much and will hopefully dig deeper into this year), make something just to make something to fit into a HSF challenge (like the pink dress) and do crazy stuff like handsewing (why on earth would I do that, when there is a perfect sewing machine just a metre away???)
Even though I havn't finished all challenges I am quite pleased with my learnings and results.

Here they are from inside out:

18th Century Shift

1740-1760 Stays

1776 Stays

A matching Pocket

1876 Corset

5 hour Dore Corset

1903 Corset

Edwardian Drawers and Corset Cover

Improvers and Pads

A Hip Roll

A Corded Petticoat

A basic quilted Petticoat

1901 Petticoat

Another basic Petticoat

The Whipped Cream Petticoat

1864 Crinoline


1936 Pyjamas

A 60s Dress

Umbrella Skirt and Ballgown Bodice

1931 Evening Dress

1868 Watteau Paletot

18th Century Cap

A Belle Epoque Hat

18th Century Begére

Another Belle Epoque Hat

A Discgolf Bag as Christmas present for my sister (the embroidery glows in the dark!)

I also created a few new UFOs:
A 60s Dress with the bow only pinned and not sewn yet

A 60 Dress waiting to get a facing

A single Glove, waiting to get a partner

Not really an UFO, since I havn't even started on the pattern

An unfinished 18th Century Cap

A big hat waiting for the tulle decoration to be fixed for real

An early victorian Bonnet, still uncovered

1840s Bonnet waiting for some trimming

As said: I have never sewn that much in a year before. We'll see what the new one brings!
Happy sewing!!!

fashion plate