Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

124 boning channels down, hopefully no more than 10 to go...

I have been sewing boning channels for the past two weeks...
The former Historical Sew Forthnightly is now the istorical Sew Monthly, which gives a lot more time to prepare and actually finish a challenge. The January challenge is "Foundations".

Since I am especially fond of all kinds of corsets and stays guess what I am sewing:

My first all handsewn pair of stays. My choice of item is usually done in a mood and not because I need a special piece of clothing. And as said: I love corsets and alike.

The pattern used is from my beloved copy of Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines, p. 43: 1793 Fully-bones short stays.
I didn't want to make a full lenght one to start handsewing on stays, and I always wanted to make those little bustle balls!

Unfortunately I couldn't get myself to sew anything for the first two weeks of the year. Today I finished the 124th boning channel and can finally start with the boning (before I do the remaining channels on the shoulder straps). I am relieved, that this work is behind me now, but with everything left to do (boning, sewing the pieces together, covering with silk brocade, eyelets, lining and those bustle balls) I don't think I will finish in time for the challenge due date, but so be it.

Here are some pictures not just to show my progress to you guys, but also to remind myself what I have accomplished already (and keep myself going)!

I'll keep you updated
See you soon!

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