Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

40s Patterns!

Yay! My new patterns arrived today!

After some problems with my local post office ("No, that must be a mistake. We don't have anything for you...") and some scary nights of thinking I would never see these patterns they showed up today.

Look at these:




 All of these patterns are un-used. Four have been opened but to my delight they are "new" and complete.

The sewing instructions are given on the inside of the cover or directly on the pattern piece. The specialty coming with all patterns is the new "fabric saver" which is a guide on how to place the pattern pieces on the fabric economically. Today these "fabric savers" are a matter of course in modern ready to sew patterns.
How to make shoulder pads in the 1940s - instructions placed directly on the sleeve pattern

The instructions on the dress closure are given directly on the pattern pieces too. And with pictures!

One of the patterns is labelled "Der bunte Schnitt" which translates into "the colourful pattern" and I was wondering what it meant until I opened it up. The pattern pieces are colourful indeed! Pink, blue and yellow. As you can see there are quite many instructions given with this pattern. This time on the inside of the cover.
One wonders why these patterns have never been opened up. They are in the original wrapping and it is obvious that these patterns are new...
Not for long!
I promise!


  1. Oh, I like that drawing of the closure! That will come handy! Thank you for sharing.
    Some of these felt familiar in their style. And sure enough - "Lyon Schnitt" is the company responsible for some of the old magazines I have myself.

  2. You're welcome! I am very curious how these dresses will turn out. I already bought everything for the top left dress.


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