Dienstag, 15. April 2014

#7 Tops and Toes

I am on time!!!
Deadline for this challenge is today and I finished my new hat about two hours ago!
First I thought about making stockings but then I ended up with a hat I started in february.
I bought a Lynn McMasters pattern for four different Belle Epoque Hats and could not resist to start on two of those hats straight away.

Since I am planning on making a 1898 afternoon dress this year I need a matching hat to go with it. Back in January I found a nice sample in one of my books which will now be my inspiration.

Have a look here!

The construction was quite similar to my Bustle Era hat so I will not give all the details...

For the hat base I cut out the pieces in buckram and then added the millinery wire to the outer edge of the brim and crown tip.
After the wire was attached I continued sewing together the side crown edges and then attach the crown tip to the crown sides.


Then I glued on some muslin as bias edge and mulling.
I did this on both sides of the brim and on the crown sides and tip.

Since the dress will be all black and I have lots of that fabric (cotton poplin) I am using the same fabric for the hat. The fashion fabric is sewn to the crown tip first. Then the sides and brim fallow...
I am using glue to help keep everything in place before I sew the  fabric to crown sides and brim.

The crown is then attached to the brim by hand. For the hat lining I used some leftover taffetta and black poplin. The brim edges are covered in black satin bias tape.

For the trimmings I made a 2 metre strip of black Sinamay and glued a narrow satin ribbon to the edges.  Then I formed a bow and four loops to be attached to my hat.

The hat band will be a string of pearls. I bought black coloured wooden beads which I inserted into a tunnel of black organza I made from organza ribbon. Then I tied black thread around the tunnel to form the hat band. Just like a necklace!
This alone took me about two hours!!! The Monsters of Disney's "Monsters University" kept me entertained while working on the pearls.

 A first fitting on the hat. Nothing fixed yet...

The bow and loops are sewn to a satin ribbon which is then tied around the hat crown. This way I am flexible in the style of the hat and can easily change trimmings. Mayby I am making something more colourful for my back-up trimming.

The Challenge: #7 Tops and Toes
Fabric: Sinamay, Cotton Poplin, buckram
Pattern: Lynn McMasters "La Belle Epoque Hat"
Year: 1895 thru early 20th century

Notions: satin ribbon, organza ribbon, millinery wire, wooden beads
How historically accurate is it? The pattern is accurate and the trimmings are OK as well. 85%?
Hours to complete: 15ish
First worn: just finished
Total cost: close to 50€

Lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!

Finished Hat:

This bow is also optional. It can be attached on top of the back bow.

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