Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

New old pattern

A couple of days ago I was fortunate enough to win an auction on ebay. Yesterday my new pattern arrived: it is an original 1875 pattern sheet from the french magazine "Journal des Dames et des Demoiselles" containing 6 patterns. I don't speak french but this is what I got:

1. Toilette de courses

I guess it is supposed to be a dress for the racetrack...

2. Casaque pour petite fille de 7 ans

3. Parure en guipure.
- no picture for this one and I have absolutely no idea what it could be...

4. Toilette de promenade

5. Confection d'été pour toilette de ville

6. Chapeau à fond mou
- no clue or picture again

My sister will visit over christmas and she speaks french. Maybe she can help me figure out the text on the pattern.

It is one sheet printed on both sides.

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